Blackberry PRIV On Verizon Gets Better with March Security Patch

Verizon has rolled out March security update for Blackberry PRIV smartphone. If you are using the handset with Verizon as the mobile carrier, you should receive the update. With build number AAJ926, the recently released update provides the monthly security related features and improvements.

According to Blackberry, the update improves the performance of the Blackberry PRIV handset including solutions for common problems reported by customers via both the community forums, social media and other channels.

Blackberry PRIV

Like all other previously released updates, the latest March security patch for Blackberry PRIV has been pushed via OTA. Hence, it will take few days for the message notification to appear on your handset. The update includes regular features. However, you should install the update since the security patch is vital for the functioning of your handset.

The main point to note that you should establish connectivity with WiFi and charge the phone to full capacity before proceeding to download the update. If you are unable to charge completely, you should charge up to 50 percent for a smooth installation process.

If you have access to BlackBerry PRIV, you will receive an update notification. If you are unable to view the notification, you should manually verify the existence of the update by hitting Settings | About device| System updates. If the update notification is not available, you should patiently wait for the arrival of the update.

Nowadays, smartphone companies and mobile service providers have started to push updates on a monthly basis to keep in touch with the customers. Moreover, the updates will ensure stability and performance for your smartphone. Sometimes, the updates will corrupt your existing settings. Hence, you should take proper precaution before downloading updates.

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