Samsung Resumes Repairs For Out of Warranty Products in the US


Samsung has resumed repair services for products which are under Out of Warranty coverage. Imagine, you had purchased a Samsung smartphone or tablet four years back, and it went out of order. Did you visited a service center and denied the service? If yes, you should read this article.

If the Samsung service center denied the service, then you can cheer now since the company has resumed providing service to all products which are beyond the official warranty period.

In early 2017, users have started to complain about the fact that Samsung is not serving any devices, which are out of warranty. The service team considers them as Out of Warranty. Interestingly, the service center declined to provide support for a fee if the device was under out of warranty period. Moreover, if your display has been broken, then you will not get any service even if you declare that you will pay.

As of writing this, Samsung has started to provide repair services for all the smartphones, tablets and Gear smartwatches. You just need to call either 1800 SAMSUNG or by navigating to the support site. According to Samsung, the denial of service to out of warranty products is a gross negligence by the support team.

Samsung is struggling to gather momentum after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco in 2016. With Samsung declining to provide repairs services to products which are not under warranty, they have angered loyal customers. With only a few days left for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, the company is trying to win the trust of clients.

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