Google Integrates Local Currency For Play Store Apps In 9 Countries

Google Play Store

Google has added support for eight new currencies for the app listings on the Play Store. The list of countries includes Algeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, Kenya, Macau, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka. If you are located in any of the eight countries, you can purchase paid Android mobile apps using the local currency.

Even though people in these eight countries had access to Google Play Store, they were unable to make use of the local currency to purchase apps. It will avoid excess bank charges.

If a person purchases an Android app from the Play Store using an International credit card, then excess charges need to the paid in the form of bank charges. The addition of local currency support will help people to avoid extra service charges. In 2014, the search engine giant made a huge leap by adding a massive list of 25 countries.

According to Google, the Cambodia make use of Riel but customers will view the prices of the app in US Dollars. Moreover, the cost will appear in USD in countries such as Kuwait, Baharin, and Oman.

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