Moto G5 Plus Gets Better With May Security Update

Moto G5 Plus

Motorola has rolled out May security update for the Moto G5 Plus smartphone. With build number NPNS25.137-35-5, the update installs the May security patch on the handset via OTA. It will take few days for the update to hit your handset depending upon your location.

If you work with the device, you will view an update message notification prompting you to install the update. You should follow the directions displayed on the screen. You can manually check the presence of the update by navigating to Settings icon if you are unable to wait for the notification.

There is no guarantee that you will get the update upon hitting the Settings icon manually. It’s just an alternative measure. That said, you can easily install the new software bits because the size of the update will be smaller than a full-blown Android Nougat update.

You can also make use of the 4G connectivity but it is advisable to make use of the Wi-Fi to download the update to avoid interruptions.Moreover, you should charge the handset up to 80 percent before proceeding to download the update. Even if your Moto G5 Plus have 40 percent battery, you can try the installation depending upon the download size.

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