Facebook iOS app tipped to refresh with GIF maker


Facebook is currently testing a new GIF maker on iOS app. According to reports, the GIF maker is integrated into the camera of the Facebook mobile app. The new feature is currently in test mode among a very small numbers of select iOS users.

You can activate the feature with the tap of a button located at the top of the display. You will be able to shoot videos and can be saved in GIF format either directly to your gallery inside the device or directly post to the Facebook profile.

The new GIF maker inside the Facebook iOS app was spotted by The Next Web. You will be able to view the option named GIF on the top of the page. There are reports that GIFs captured using this feature will only last a few seconds.

Facebook GIF maker
Source – The Next Web

Even though the use of GIFs are popular on social media networks such as Tumblr and Twitter, the Facebook was slow to adopt it. If you visit Facebook, you will view plenty of ordinary images. In 2015, the social media giant decided to throw open GIF support after it was being kept in suspended animation due to the nature of the GIF images. Currently, you can insert GIFs while writing comments.

According to Facebook data analytics, nearly 13 billion GIFs were delivered on Messenger. Moreover, as many as 400 million GIFs were sent on the New Year Day 2017. You can expect the roll out of the new GIF maker initially on Facebook’s iOS app followed by Android. Industry analysts have claimed that new information about the upcoming GIF maker will be available within a weeks time.

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