Huawei Artificial Intelligence Chipset To Set New Benchmarks

Huawei Artificial Intelligence

Huawei is expected to launch a new chip based on Artificial Intelligence during the month of September or October and will set new benchmarks in the smartphone segment. With AI ruling the world, he premium smartphone manufacturer really needs to push in hard to occupy a credible space in the segment.

Going forward, we will be able to interact with smartphones without using any software if Huawei really implements the AI-based chipset. Currently, we are able to establish contact with the smartphone using software such as Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and Bixby. If chip level mechanism is implemented, the smartphone will be able to perform various tasks without depending upon the software.

Commenting on the development, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s CEO of Consumer Business disclosed that the collaborative intelligent user experience of the end and cloud coupled with the chip is very important and vital.

Yu said that the company is planning to invest in quality, innovation, service, and channel related options during the manufacturing of smartphones, PCs, wearables, smart home, VR, and AR. Moreover, users will be able to experience full scene life experience intelligently.

Meanwhile, social media giant Facebook and search engine major Google are also working on a wide range of products based on the AI technology. While Facebook is working hard to develop Oculus Rift, the Google is working on few other software products such as Alexa branded speaker and Pixel 2.

Huawei released the revenue results for the first half of the year and it generated a sales revenue of CNY283.1 billion, which is a growth of 15 percent. When it comes to the operating profit rate, the company earned 11 percent of revenue.

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Meanwhile, the overall sales revenue of the consumer business group has been pegged at CNY 105.4 billion, which is a growth of 36.2 percent. According to Yu, the total market share of the current smartphone in China has reached 22.1 percent with a long -term objective of over 40 percent.

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