MGCOOL Explorer 2C Stunning Closeup Shots Revealed

MGCOOL Explorer 2C

MGCOOL recently announced the launch of the next-generation flagship Explorer 2C action camera. The main attraction of the MGCOOL Explorer 2C is the addition of a 2-inch touch display with the 7G lens. Moreover, the camera provides support for lightdrawing, gryoscope, including the ability to pause recording.

MGCOOL has released real close-up images of the camera, which exposes the real brilliance of the new camera. You will be able to visualize the look and feel of the action camera including the various controls such as power and Wi-Fi activation. It is also possible to examine the sensor included with the camera deeply with the new images.

MGCOOL Explorer 2C

MGCOOL Explorer 2C is equipped with fine matt on the front cover to provide deep resistance to scratches and improper handling. Priced at $150, the Explorer 2C will be the best option for photography enthusiasts when compared with competing cameras. The company has bundled a crisp configuration based on this price range.

MGCOOL Explorer 2C

MGCOOL has integrated a professional 7-glass sharp lens to increase light intake and filter out stray light. The end result is that you will be able to capture crisp and stunning images even in low light conditions.

When compared with GoPro Hero 5 and YI 4K camera, the MGCOOL Explorer 2C is designed with a compact and smaller body. Moreover, the camera provides adequate grip during climbing, trekking, boating including shooting from inside high-speed vehicles and trains.

MGCOOL Explorer 2C

Specifications wise, the MGCOOL Explorer 2C is equipped with a Novatek NT96660 processor, Sony IMX078 sensor with the ability to capture 170-degree images. The camera provides the ability to capture images up to 20Mand 4K videos at 24fps.

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It is also possible to capture 2K videos at 30fps with H.264 compression support. Powered by a 1050mAh battery, the Explorer 2C is capable of delivering 60 minutes of 4K-enabled shooting. We are sure you will be impressed with the newly released close-up images of the camera. Please share your feedback regarding Explorer 2C.

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