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MGCOOL Explorer Pro Sharkeye Feature Yields Rich Benefits

MGCOOL Explorer Pro was launched recently with support for 4K video shooting at 30 fps, Sony IMX179 sensor coupled with Allwinner V3 processor. The main highlight of MGCOOL Explorer Pro is the integration of a new “Sharkeye” feature. You need to pay importance to distortion when you are capturing an image or video via action

Samsung Galaxy S8 Manufacturing Cost Information Exposed

Samsung released Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones on March 29. The handset was subsequently released in various countries across the world. If you examine the cost, you will know that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are more than the previous counterpart. The main reason for the increase in the

MGCOOL Explorer Pro – The Powerful And Hottest Action Camera Under $70

After the splendid success of MGCOOL Explorer 1S, MGCOOL Explorer and the recently introduced budget-friendly MGCOOL Explorer ES, the China-based action camera company has launched MGCOOL Explorer Pro with improved features and specifications. The MGCOOL Explorer Pro camera is available in Black and Silver color variants at $69.99. The main highlight of MGCOOL Explorer Pro

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Teardown – Important Points You Need To Know [Shocking]

After the launch of the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, Samsung has recently launched the flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones. The handset was initially launched in the US followed by India on April 19. The first impression after using the newly launched Galaxy S8 is that it sports a design identical

How GEOTEL Manages And Maintains Their Quality Control

GEOTEL has been manufacturing premium quality smartphones with a wide range of features. The company has been constantly on the verge of designing a smartphone with style, elegance, and heavy duty add-ons. However, there are doubts in the minds of few people that Geotel smartphones are not strong and durable. GEOTEL has shared few exclusive

Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort Headphones Launched With Power Features

Xiaomi has launched Mi Headphones Comfort with minimalistic design in such a way to deliver an awesome audio experience. Moreover, the new pair of over-ear headphones has been manufactured in such a way that it resists dirt to a large extent. If you work with the Mi Headphones Comfort, you will feel that the headphones

LG G5 SE Gets Better With Support For Bootloader Unlocking

LG has officially rolled out bootloader unlock support for the LG G5 SE smartphone. Dubbed with model number H840, the update has been pushed only for the European market. According to official sources, if you have access to an LG G5 SE smartphone, you will be able to unlock the bootloader after the installation of

LG Nexus 5X Gets Better With 4GB RAM Through Repair

In Laptops and PCs, you can upgrade the RAM easily. Nowadays, we have laptops which provide a slot for inserting additional RAM without opening the back cover. However, have you ever wondered about the possibility of upgrading RAM on a smartphone? According to a XdaDevelopers member, he was able to upgrade the RAM on LG

Xiaomi Smartphones To Ship With Microsoft Office And Skype Globally

Microsoft has established a strategic partnership with Xiaomi to integrate Microsoft Office into their upcoming smartphones. Going forward, you will be able to see Office and Skype apps pre-loaded into the smartphones manufactured by Xiaomi. This means the apps will be embedded into MIUI. If you are unaware, the Xiaomi smartphones sold in China already

Best price advantage action camera MGCOOL Explorer ES will surprise you

Gone are days where you depended upon expensive cameras manufactured by GoPro. You now have access to a wide range of digital 3K and 4K action cameras thanks to MGCOOL. The company designs and manufactures several action cameras for various use. You have an option to purchase an action camera under below $40 or above