Shashi Tharoor Trolled in Facebook over his meeting with Roman Saini

Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament from Thiruvananthapuram has been trolled in Facebook over his reported meeting with Roman Saini, former IAS officer and founder of Unacademy and his co-founder. Even though Saini is quite brilliant and eager to bring prominent personalities to know about his venture, it is his own query on his Facebook post which caused massive inflow of trolls.

In his Facebook post, Saini posted a query asking his fans to comment on What would you like Shashi sir to teach?. While majority of users favored his inclusion, few people opposed Tharoor being part of his academy and posted messages severely criticizing Tharoor. We also saw few users posting the topics and subjects which Tharoor should teach as part of Unacademy.














It remains unclear as to whether Tharoor met Saini or Saini went to meet Tharoor. Whatever may be, Tharoor’s addition will be good since he will be able to share his experience with Unacademy’s users.

Shashi Tharoor is a member of parliament from Thiruvananthapuram and author of 12 books. He had served as a minister of external affairs in the previous UPA government for a brief time till he was forced to quit the post due to allegations of IPL scam. He re-joined the UPA cabinet as Minister of State for Human Resources. Before joining Indian politics, Tharoor was under-secretary general in UN general assembly and also contested for the post of secretary-general. In the past, Tharoor has also created several controversies over his comment on Twitter.

To recall, Saini quit his IAS job recently to spend full time with Unacademy to teach upcoming students about the various aspects of civil service examination. Right now, there are several courses on the Unacademy portal, which examines topics from various subjects with the help of videos.

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