Dakaar Personal Recipe App now available on play store

Dakaar personal recipe app is now available on play store. With around 2 lakh+ recipes covering different categories and cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Dakaar is a ridiculously easy way to discover and share recipes. You will be able to browse recipes based on different categories like Desserts, Kids Special, Health, Snacks, Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch.

With the help of smart intelligence feature, Dakaar will automatically suggest you recipes based on the time at which you are browsing the app. If its lunch time it will show you recipes for lunch and same goes with breakfast, snacks and dinner.

Touted to provide the best cooking experience in your kitchen, Dakaar, founded by 4 college friends Javed Khatri, Mandar Sawant, Uday Naidu and Ojus Sangoi who have been building apps together since their college days. Their apps have been covered by leading news papers and TV channels.

Commenting on the app, Javed Khatri, Founder, Dakaar revealed that the app has got over 1000 users just one week of the official launch. Khatri also said that people are spending a good amount of time (nearly 8 minutes average) browsing and sharing recipes.

Some of the features that differentiates Dakaar from its competitors are easy to use interface, offline access, option to request any recipe, regional language feature including option to submit your own recipes and get featured on Dakaar

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