TUDIA Klip Protects your Apple Lightning cable from damages

TUDIA Klip has been released to protect the original Apple lightning cable from damages at $7 in blue, green, pink, gray, and yellow color variants and is available exclusively on Amazon.

Manufactured using a 2 piece clip made of silicone and polycarbonate that snaps onto all original Apple Lightning and 30-pin charging cables, the Tudia Klip reduces strain by 80 percent to protect your essential Apple cables from fraying and breaking, which often happens after just 6 months of use.

Interestingly, TUDIA Klip also fixes already frayed or damaged cables. Hence, you can continue to use them without awkwardly fixing them with tape, throwing them out, or buying new expensive Apple cables or cheaper 3rd party generic replacement cables, which are often incompatible with Apple devices.

Commenting on the release, Winson Teh, Founder of Aplars LLC revealed that after my iPhone died at an extremely important time and I was unable to charge it because of a broken Apple cable, I decided to create the Klip. The TUDIO Klip
offers a reliable solution for the low quality charging cables that come with Apple devices.

Measuring only ½” long and weighing a scant .08 oz, the TUDIA Klip package includes 2 clips (one for each end of the cable) to fully protect your essential Apple charging cables.

To work with Tudia Klip, you simply need to slide the color silicone base on the cable to the point where it meets the plug and then attach the white polycarbonate clip to lock the Klip into place for the ultimate in cable protection.
TUDIA Klip, exclusively distributed via Amazon, is manufactured by Aplars, leading e-commerce store for electronic products and accessories.

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