BJPWalker Rocking Kerala Assembly Elections 2016

The BJPWalker, which is alrady rocking Kerala elections, created with the portraits of Sri. Kummanam and Primde Minister Modi ji were carried as a light weighted back pack by volunteers. They were also wearing a three dimensional masks of Modi ji and Kummanam Ji.

It was an exciting experience for the voters of Vattiyoorkavu constituency (near Thiruvanathapuram) in Kerala to see the glowing figures of Sri. Kummananam Rajasekharan the President of BJP, Kerala State and a candidate for the assembly elections due on May 16.

BJPWalker was inaugurated Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Shri Anantha kumar and covered by major local kerala channels.

The pedestrians, commuters and bye standers were seeing such a glittering sight first time in their life. They were all busy taking selfies and sending them to friends.


“Voters loving it , BJP message is passing to voters in effective way, voters reading the content published on bjpwalkers and sharing this unique concept with their friends and families, we are taking feedback from different section of voters for future upgrades and low cost interactive communication system with high Return of Investment for future BJP campaigns”, says Buddha Chandrasekhar creator of BJPWalker.

After seeing tremendous response from onlookers, Buddha Chandrasekhar Creator of “BJPWalker” created a software to analyze the impact on the voter mindset and creating measurable touch points [KPIs].

In addition to the bjpwalker we are using Hydraulic moving display of modi ji and kummanam ji, large balloons and models of electronic voting machines in training voters, says Buddha Chandrasekhar

The election for Kerala Assembly is picking up speed and heat, BJP using unique campaigning techniques to reach voters.

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