Support Android Neyyappam with crow hunting game

If Google can name Android as KitKat, Lollipop and hard to pronounce Marshmallow, why can’t Neyyappam? Play crow hunting game and show your provide by voting for “Neyyappam“.

With Google opening doors in the quest to find a suitable name for the upcoming Android platform, many people are guessing. In India also the new name for the new Android is gaining popularity especially with the fact that a company based in Kochi has proposed Neyyappam for the big “N”.

Noticeably, Neyyappam has been placed on the first spot on the official name-voting page among other names. This shows how popular the name “Neyyappam” is.

The company who initially proposed “N” for “Neyyappam” has launched an exclusive gaming site –, which prompts users to save Neyyappam from the crow hitting on it.

On the top, the site reads as below

Android Neyyappam

You will find the message “It’s play time.. Save our Neyyappam from Crow attack..” on the bottom of the site. Towards the extreme bottom, the developers have provided how to vote for Neyyappam by visiting the official Google URL.

We would appreciate if the developers provide a counter stating number of “Neyyappam” escaped hits from the crow.

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