Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to arrive in 2017 with Intel Kaby Lake processor

If rumors are to be believed, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to be launched in 2017 and will be powered with an Intel Kaby Lake processor.

Normally, Microsoft used to release Surface Pro 5 during October. But the Redmond-based software giant has repordely shelved off its plan and decided to integrate Kaby Lake processor, which is expected to deliver enhanced performance and low cooling operations.

Moreover, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be equipped with Windows Redstone 2, which will be released by the end of 2016.

On the specifications front, the Surface Pro 5 will be equipped with up to 16 GB of RAM, which will provide improved multitasking. You can also expect the device to be available in different variants based on RAM and storage.

Talking about other specifications, the Surface Pro 5 will be featured with a 4K display including dedicaed graphics chip based on NVidia Pascal or the new AMD Polaris graphics card. THere are ports on the web that it will be AMD Polaris GTX 1080, although we wonder how AMD will use GTX brand.

The upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be available from $899 and will go up to a maximum of $2999.

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