Freedom 251 to be shipped between June 30 to July 5 based on lucky draw

Freedom 251, the Rs. 251 smartphone will be shipped to customers from June 30. According to estimates, nearly 2 lakh units will be shipped by July 4 to 5. When it comes to LED TV, Goel clarified that the company is expecting one lakh units by June 30 and the sale will start from July first week. Like Freedom 251, LED TV doesn’t require any waiting time.

In a statement, Goel said that the delay caused due to unforeseen circumstances related to Battery and the Made in India smartphone is now available for shipping. It’s not possible for the company to provide 7.5 crore registered users. Hence, the company has stated that only 2 lakh people will be eligible to receive the handsets during the first phase of shipment.

The main aim of the company is to ensure that the device reaches each households across India. The company will conduct a state-wise lucky draw for the device not only for high registration states like UP but also for other states. The company wants around 10000 users from each state to receive the Freedom 251.

Freedom 251 will be shipped between the announced dates and customers should make use of Cash on Delivery to procure the product. As a customer, you only need to pay for the device only upon it reaches your doorstep.

The company has claimed that it had incurred huge loss since Rs. 2500 smartphone is being sold at Rs. 251. You will have to pay Rs. 300 since you have to add shipping charges.

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Goel is confident that his company will be able to ship more units but it requires support from the government. The company require land for establishing factories and plans including subsidy to enable them to fulfill the aim of reaching 60 crore units.

The lucky draw will be conduced with the help of software since it will ensure that only one email will be eligible to receive smartphones.

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