Apple iPhone 7 expected to ship with 32GB default storage

The much-awaited upcoming iPhone 7 is expected to ship with 32GB default storage instead of 16GB. This means you will not be able to buy 16GB device like in iPhone 6. With the base storage is fixed at 32GB, it remains to be seen as to whether Apple will launch a 128GB storage variant.

The 32GB storage assumes great significance with the growth of mobile apps, which require more default space. Moreover, since Apple devices can’t be expanded using microSD cards, it is essential to have a large default space. Currently, customers are paying more money for crappy disk space and after its complete utilization, they are left with nothing other than to dump the device.

Based on rumors, there is a possibility for the release of 256GB variant of the upcoming iPhone 7 Pro or iPhone 7 Plus. If you look at the current line-up, Apple’s latest offering is the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB model. Since the default space will be fixed at 32GB, there is a possibility of 256GB model for high-end premium users.

According to reports coming in, Apple iPhone 7 Pro will be equipped with a Smart Connector on the rear side. The “Pro” tag in the new iPhone lineup is insignificant because the high-end iPad pro ships with 256GB storage. Hence, Apple consider to offer “Pro” model with 256GB instead of the currently available 128GB.

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