Apple iPhone sales dropped as Samsung makes deeper inroads, says reports

According to latest reports, the demand for Apple iPhone declined since the other leading smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi and LeEco have made great inroads in the market.

With premium flagship devices getting launched on a monthly basis with great features at just half the price of an iPhone, Apple is currently facing a tough time to succeed in the highly competitive market.

As per the latest report on New York Post, the total number of iPhone units actually sold would decline substantially by 12 percent from 2015. The report also added that the upcoming iPhone 7 would not be a significant upgrade even though there will be new features and integration if iOS 10. The report stated that the iPhone 7 would be a marginal cycle at best.

Moreover, the demand and momentum for iPhone 6s have gone down since customers are probably waiting for the upcoming launch of iPhone 7. It doesn’t make any sense to buy a new iPhone 6s when the official launch of iPhone 7 is just 2 months away.

According to a recent disclosure by Mark Moskowitz of Barclays forecast, the iPhone unit sales of 2016 would account to 203.7 million as against 231.5 million in 2015.

In 2015, we have not seen the huge arrival of premium flagship smartphones into the market. However, things have changed in 2016 with several Chinese-based companies pumped a huge amount of funds to build attractive smartphones with features never seen before.

In the meantime, retail data analytics provider Kantar Retail disclosed that Samsung’s Galaxy 7 series of smartphones grabbed 16 percent market share in the US by the end of May 31. The report also mentioned that Samsung also facing chronic competition from budget smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei, and LeEco.

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“Apple and Samsung should stop worrying about other competitors but should focus on their products,” said Kantar analyst Lauren Guenveur. He also added that Huawei is working hard to overtake Apple to attain the second-largest smartphone spot by 2020.

To add more pain to Apple, Google also announced that they are working to manufacture their own smartphones even though there is no clear indication of its availability.

A leading research company, IDC, recently made a stunning revelation that the Apple’s share of worldwide PC market declined to 7.1 percent from 7.4 percent since customers are waiting in queue for the upcoming MacBook Pro release.

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