Cyanogen in trouble with unfortunate layoffs to focus from OS to apps

It’s all not well for Cyanogen. There are reports that the company has laid off 20 percent of its total work force. With just 136 employees, the company has laid off people who work with the OS department.

We reliably learnt that the open-source Android specific operating system, CyanogenMod failed to catch the required attention as expected, although it has a few number of followers.

We don’t have any news about the future roadmap for CyanogenMod but as per the initial looks things are not bright as expected.

Even though the layoff has been confirmed by Android Police, which was vetted by Recode, the company hasn’t issued any public statement. According to sources, the company is in restructuring mode and will make a transition from OS to apps. If rumors are true, we can expect the release of few Cyanogen branded apps in the near future.

The way in which Cyanogen conducted the layoffs are not as per the actual practice followed by other companies. Employees who had to finish pending work the next day were asked not to report for work. Moreover, employees who attended to work without knowing the layoff news had to return back to their home with the bad news.

We will continue to monitor the developments. There is a chance that Google might take over Cyanogen if there is a viable deal.

What about the mindset of employees who have been fired? They are left with nothing. They had to find another job, which is very hard.

We expect that since the axed employees have great knowledge about the software development process involved with mobile operating system, they will come together and form a startup company to create something awesome for the next generation.

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