Twitter night mode rolls out to beta testers on iOS

Twitter has rolled out Night Mode for iOS to increase the user base of the app on iPhones. However, this feature is only available in the beta version. The social media giant had introduced the dark-themed mode for night reading for Android uses last month. But with the latest update this new feature is available for all users.

If you click on the profile icon on Android, you will be able to activate and deactivate the night mode. If your turn it on, the background of the app will turn into a dark blue color with white text. You can modify the settings in Display and Soundsection of the settings.

Night mode enables you to easily read in low light or no light conditions without causing any eye strain. It is very essential to work with night mode while browsing on a smartphone at night. However, studies have demonstrated that the blue light of the display can alter the sleeping patterns of a person.

Similar to that of Android, the Night mode for iOs looks similar with the addition of navy blue color scheme. As soon as you activate the mode, the app switches to a darker color palette which is similar to that of Tweetbot or other third-part clients.

Even though night mode is available, there is no way to automatically active the night mode based on what time of day it is or based on your phone’s display brightness. However, we don’t have any confirmation as to when this feature will be launched.

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