TripIt for iOS 10 rolled out with iMessage and upgraded flight alerts

TripIt has been upgraded in such a way that the travel app is fully compatible with iOS 10. According to TripIt sources, the app is now campatible with iOS 10 with substantial updates. Mostly, the TripIt app for iOS provides support for iMessage and upgraded flight alerts that take full advantage of the rich notifications of iOS 10.

Commenting on the launch, Jen Moyse director of product for TripIt from Concur disclosed that the beauty of iOS 10 is that it opened up Apple’s platform allowing us to extend the benefits of TripIt beyond the app. He said that with the latest update, the company has created a seamless experience between TripIt and some of the core features that Apple fans already enjoy.

TripIt for iMessage

With TripIt for iMessage, you will be able to send flight information, hotel reservations, rental car details and other travel plans without leaving Messages.


As a traveler, you will be able to share plans from the trips to enable your family, friends and coworkers to remain updated on travel plans.

The next time someone messages you asking where you’re staying, you’ll be able to respond with your hotel information – without having to open another app. That’s a big deal when you’re busy and all you have time to do is shoot off a quick text

In addition to above features, TripIt also recently expanded how travelers can share plans from the app. You will be able to send travel plans through other apps they like to use.

TripIt for iOS 10 enable sharing of plans

To use this feature, you simply capture a screen of the trip or hand select the specific plans they’d like to share right from their trip itinerary.

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You will be able to view several options for sharing the plans through compatible third-party apps via a pop up menu.

We communicate in a variety of different ways. We text our friends and family, stay connected to former colleagues on one app and collaborate with coworkers on another. Traveling is one of those unique experiences where you need to share information with many different people, and having to switch back and forth between apps to stay in touch is just a hassle

Flight alerts enhanced with rich notifications for TripIt for iOS 10 Pro

If you are a TripIt Pro user, you will be able to visualize that select flight alerts have been enhanced to rich notifications.  It will add a new expanded view that shows a summary of the flight and the ability to react to the alert directly from the notification.

You will be able to select multiple options within their alert to check in for a flight or locate new flight if their flight has been  delayed. If you have booked your ticket through a travel agency that participates in the TripIt for TMCs program, you will be able to establish contact with the travel agent directly from the alert.


Now you can react instantly to a change in your flight. As soon as you see your flight has been delayed, you can pull up the airport lounges near you, or even check to see if you can jump on a new flight. Often a quick reaction can be the difference between a small hiccup in your plans and a complete disruption

The TripIt app for iOS 10 has been enhanced with flight check-in, cancellation and delay alerts. The new TripIt for Message feature is compatible with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. To receive real-time flight alerts, you need an active subscription to TripIt Pro, which costs $49 per year.

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