Newertech NuGuard KX Review: Tailor made with durability in mind

Newertech NuGuard KX

Apple recently released iPhone 7 with 4.7-inch IPS LED display, 3GB RAM, 32GB default internal storage and also eliminated the headphone jack. By default, the iPhone 7 will not ship with any protective case. You can ignore damages in case of a budget handset. As far as iPhone 7 is concerned, you need to protect it with a case from the beginning because the amount involved here is huge.

To safeguard your smartphone, you need to enclose your iPhone 7 with Newertech NuGuard KX, which will not only protect your costly handset against damages caused due to accidental drop but also other unnatural impacts and scratches.

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  • Newertech NuGuard KX for iPhone 7

Newertech NuGuard KX


Newertech NuGuard KX for iPhone 7 provides x-treme protection against accidental drops, impacts and scratches without sacrificing looks. Moreover, the case will not add unnecessary bulk to your iPhone 7. The NuGuard KX case features hyper-advanced X-Orbing gel manufactured in the United States.

When other competing iPhone case make use of ordinary military-impact materials, the NuGuard KX make use of the state-of-the-art X-Orbing gel technology, which absorbs and evenly distribute kinetic energy. The unique technology is then engineered into an effective one-piece design that’s available in eight attractive color combinations.

The NuGuard KX has been Mil-Spec drop test certified by Quanta Laboratories to the MIL-STD-810G U.S. Military standard for elite and enhanced protection. The case only measures just over 1/2-inch thick so that the case with iPhone 7 easily fits into your pocket.

Newertech NuGuard KX

The Newertech NuGuard KX for iPhone 7 features edge guard over-molding. It provides improved iPhone screen edge protection without interfering with edge-to-edge touch finger accessibility. You will be able to easily make use of touch keyboard. Moreover, there will be no interference when you drag and drop icon inside from screen to screen.

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We can feel the simplicity of the Newertech NuGuard KX as soon as we lifted it from the desk. The NuGuard KX includes accurate cut outs for speakers, lightning port, lock button, volume rockers, rear camera and fingerprint sensor.

The inner surface is very soft and little spongy to touch. The four corners of the NuGuard KX are sharp but will not hurt your fingers in any way.

The right and left side of the case are ribbed. This mean the case provides enough grips to your hand in extreme circumstances. It extends to the rear side but not completely. We feel that because of the unique cut design, the rear side of NuGuard KX provides an elegant look and feel.

Newertech NuGuard KX

We attempted to turn the case in various positions and it regained the original shape immediately. We closed the case 50 percent from top and bottom and the case retained the shape as soon as we released. We can feel the quality of Newertech NuGuard KX from the success of our various actions.


To work with Newertech NuGuard KX, you just need to fix your iPhone 7 directly to the case. Once your iPhone 7 is inserted into the case, you will not be able to use the buttons provided on the iPhone 7.

Newertech NuGuard KX

Instead you will use the lock and volume rocker buttons provided by the NuGuard KX case. If you deeply inspect the case, you will find that a small button is provided on the other side of the buttons.

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If you had purchased or planning to buy an iPhone 7, you definitely require Newertech NuGuard KX case since it provides the much needed protection and durability. The case extends the life of your iPhone 7 to a great extent.

You need not have to bother even if you drop the case with iPhone 7 inside it. Nothing will happen to your expensive iPhone 7 and no need to approach service center. Imagine, if you had not used a case in this situation. So the best thing is to place an order for the NuGuard NX case immediately.

Priced at $29.99, the Newertech NuGuard KX goes a long way in protecting your valuable iPhone 7. You will get 30 day money back guarantee. We guess you will never request a refund once you get the case. Moreover, Newertech provides lifetime warranty for the case. Hence, if you case gets damaged, you can request a replacement for free.

Newertech NuGuard KX for iPhone 7 is available in black, crimson and midnight blue color variants for $29.99. If you have access to iPhone 7 Plus, you need to buy the case oriented for it at $33.99.

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