Lenovo gearing up to manufacture laptops in India

Lenovo is considering a proposal to manufacture laptops in India. Responding to media, Dinesh Nair, director, consumer business, Lenovo India disclosed that they are already manufacturing desktops at Pondicherry facility, which has the required capacity and flexibility to manufacture laptops as well. The company will have to take a call when to do it.

Nair said that Lenovo, which already started manufacturing at its Chennai plant, is committed to the Make in India initiative. This is evident from the visit of company’s CEO and Chairman Yang Yuanqing in 2015 for a meeting with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In terms of market share, Lenovo is the third largest vendor of PCs in India. The company is mainly targeting the youth and the business segments and keeping the price at competitive levels.

He said that if the company manufactures laptops in India, it would give more flexibility as at least two months were needed to ship products from China.

As of writing this, the entire range of laptops are curently being shipped out from China. Regarding revenue, the laptops segment is currently getting 85 to 88 percent of overall PC sales.

The remaining are from desktops. The market remained flat in the last quarter, Naid told when asked about the market growth.

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