Apple wins $120 million compensation from Samsuung over alleged patent infringement

Finally Apple has won. An appeals court based in the US has ruled victory for Apple in one of the longest ever battles with the rival Samsung. The court reinstated a US $119.6 million verdict for the Tim Cook owned for patent infringement.

In a sudden development adding latest twist in a series of patent cases between the two rivals, the Federal Circuit Appeals judges ruled 8-3 in a rehearing of the case. This order reversed the order pronounced by the same court in February.

In the petition, Apple had contended that Samsung has infringed on patents for features such as slide to unlock and autocorrection. In the latest judgement, the court ruled that Samsung failed to prove the fact that few of the Cupertino-based company innovations were obvious. The opinion also declared that the court must defer the decision of the jury when in doubt.

“Even in cases in which a court concludes that a reasonable jury could have found some facts differently, the verdict must be sustained if it is supported by substantial evidence on the record that was before the jury,” Judge Kimberly Moore wrote for the majority.

Even though Apple has demanded US $2.2 billion at trial, the court ordered Samsung to pay US $119.6 million. The judgement comes in the wake of dismal performance of its latest flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Both Apple and Samsung declined to respond to our queries.

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