Microsoft unveils HoloLens Computer Vision Research Team, to go hiring spree

Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft has announced the formation of a new HoloLens computer vision research team following sponsorship of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV). The new division will be based in the Cambridge, UK and will be expanded in the upcoming months.

The new division will be led by Jamie Shotton, the former Head of Machine Intelligence and Perception at Microsoft. He will be assisted by Principal Scientist Andrew Fitzgibbon, Research Engineer Federica Bogo and more.

According to a blog post published jointly by Pollefeys and Shotton, they revealed that Microsoft is in a golden age for computer vision. Microsoft is excited about HoloLens.

In the post, they discloses that the HoleLens has the potential to completely upend how we access information and
communicate with each other. Moreover, this is just a start.

The main aim of theMicrosoft is to deliver the promise of mixed reality. However, it requires heavy work. Hence, the
formation of the new division assumes great importance.

Microsoft specifically would like to hire employees who love to build technology and have good skills in engineering, research including Mathematics. Shotton said that they will interview probable candidates at the ECCV booth from October 8-16.

The conference will include a keynote from Changhu Wang, Lead Researcher at Microsoft with the presentation of Visual Analysis of Sketches starting October 8.

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