Holiday Gift Guides: TUDIA Wireless Accessories & Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2016


Holidays are coming. In India, it’s Diwali around the corner followed by Halloween. Moreover, thanksgiving and black friday are not far away from your hands. You can stock new gadgets to celebrate holidays. In this article, we will explore the gadgets which you can’t afford to miss during the holiday season.

TUDIA Cous Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet

TUDIA Cous Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet is an inexpensive way to control all your lights, household appliances, and power strips without the need for expensive IoT (Internet of Things) smartphone devices. The main purpose of TUDIA Cous is that it will turn on and off lights and appliances wirelessly. It communicates to its outlet plugs from as far as 100 feet even through tough closed doors, floors and walls.

The TUDIA Cous is made to use with all hard to reach lights and appliances. It is an essential gear for seniors and the mobility impaired. Moreover, Cous ships with 5 outlet plugs and 2 remotes (additional outlet plugs and remotes are available).

The Cous outlet plug features a compact size that covers only one wall outlet when plugged into the top outlet. This will free up the lower outlet for other uses (unlike competitors that cover 2 outlets at once).

Price: $34.74
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TUDIA KLIP is a 2-piece silicone and polycarbonate clip. The TUDIA Klip quickly snaps onto Apple Lightning and 30-pin charging cables. It reduces strain by 80 percent to protect your essential Apple charging cables from fraying and breaking, which often happens after just 6 months of use.

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The stylish TUDIA Klip saves money by controlling the cable from bending at the most vulnerable end points of the cables. It extends the life of expensive Apple cables, ensuring that they will be ready to charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch when you need it most. The TUDIA Klip comes in five blue, green, pink, gray and yellow color variants.

Price: $7 a pair

Both TUDIA Cous Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet and TUDIA Klip are essential gadgets. If you have iPhone, you should protect it using Tudia Klip. We hope you will make maximum use of these gadgets. Tell us your comments about the above gadgets below.

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