Altec Lansing launches new range of the flagship 2.1 speakers in India

Altec Lansing has launched a new international range of speakers – Altec Lansing Circus 2.1, Altec Lansing Claw 2.1, Altec Lansing Enciente 2.1, Altec Lansing Lozenge 2.1 and Altec Lansing Zine 2.0 in India. With the recent launch of these speakers, the company has introduced an entire range of speakers that could compliment your TV, PCs, Laptops and Tablets. The new speakers are exclusively available on Amazon India.

Altec Lansing added that the company is scheduled to disrupt the home speaker segment with state of the art and feature rich offerings. Moreover, the new speakers are designed in an innovative way.

To take the music to the next level, Altec Lansing has announced a wide range of new 2.1 speakers that consists of the Altec Lansing Circus 2.1, Claw 2.1, Enceintes 2.1, Lozenge 2.1, and the Zine 2.0.

The Circus 2.1 and the Claw 2.1 offer an incredible theatre-like sound experience with a stylish and elegant design. When it comes to the Enceintes 2.1 and the Lozenge 2.1, the speakers promises an experience of heavy, heart-beating bass in a very low frequency. On the other hand, the Zine 2.0 is a pocket-friendly computer speaker that bring to life any music with an attractive glossy finish and a quality perfect for home-use.

The new Altec Lansing speakers are priced between Rs. 1990 and Rs. 7990 and are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows based smartphones. In fact, the speakers are compatible with any portal gadgets such as tablets or laptops, which has Bluetooth 4.1 enabled.

Altec Lansing Circus 2.1

Priced at Rs. 4141, the Altec Lansing Circus 2.1 will be useful if you want to experience leisure moments. The speakers provide you with an incredible sound performance. Designed using intricate and superb finishing, this speaker will be a perfect compliment for your home or your office.

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Altec Lansing Claw 2.1

Altec Lansing Claw 2.1 enhances the style quotient of your desk. The dynamically designed compact speakers has a capability to deliver crisp audio. You can experience punchy bass from your movies, music and games. This speaker ships with a powerful down-firing ported subwoofer that delivers powerful bass in your audio.

The product package includes a special sub-woofer, a wired remote control and warranty documents. Altec Lansing Claw 2.1 is priced at Rs. 7990.

Altec Lansing Enciente 2.1

Altec Lansing Enciente 2.1 speakers provide an incredible sound performance. You will be able to experience crystal clear sound even when playing in a large and spacious room.You can use the speaker for a wide range of purposes such as watching movies, playing games and listening to your favorite music tracks. It is possible to easily attach the speaker to your gaming consoles, computers, Television and DVD players. The speaker deliver heavy and heart-beating bass in a very low frequency at a low price of Rs. 3658.

Altec Lansing Lozenge 2.1

Altec Lansing Lozenge 2.1 enhances your music experience with a 2.1 channel output which offers you one of the best sound qualities in its range. The speaker produces crisp sound and vibrant audio with a capability to connect to a wide range of gadgets. The Lozenge 2.1 integrates a 5-inch downfiring subwoofer to deliver a consistent bass. However, the speaker is priced on a higher side at Rs. 7347.

Altec Lansing Zine 2.0

Altec Lansing Zine 2.0 is designed in an ergonomic attractive glossy finish. The sound quality will be ideal for normal home use since it is pocket friendly and affordable at Rs. 1990.

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Altec Lansing Circus 2.1, Claw 2.1, Enciente 2.1, Lozenge 2.1 and Zine 2.0 speakers are available exclusively via Amazon India.

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