Amazon Pantry grocery delivery service launched in Bengaluru

Amazon Pantry

Amazon India has launched pantry grocery delivery service in Bengaluru, India. The company has launched the service after the initial launch in Hyderabad. he service enables users to purchase groceries and other daily household items directly from Amazon. The products will be delivered within 24 hours of order placement.

The process of purchasing items via Amazon Pantry is different from standard purchase. As a buyer, you will be provided with a virtual box that they will have to fill up with items.

You will be able to add only those items that are tagged with Amazon Pantry logo. Moreover, each item under the category occupies a certain percentage of space in the box. Each box will have a capacity to store up to 15 kilograms of products or three cubic feet of space.

When you are adding items to the box, you will be notified the percentage of space each item will occupy. You need not have to full the box to 100 percent to place an order.

Furthermore, you will have to pay a nominal delivery fee of Rs. 20 instead to standard rate of Rs. 49. According to Amazon, the reduction in the fees is due to the inaugural launch offer.

Few months ago, Amazon Prime subscription service was launched in India. The service is available free of cost for new customers for 2 months. After the trial period, you will be able to extend to one year by paying Rs. 499.

The main benefit of Amazon Prime is that you will be eligible to purchase products of any amount without incurring any shipping charges. You will be eligible for free one-day and two-day delivery on a number of premium products based on your location.

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