Xiaomi Air Sterilisation Humidifier with 3.5L water tank capacity announced for 799 Yuan

Xiaomi Air Sterilisation Humidifier

Xiaomi announced the new Air Sterilisation Humidifier For 799 Yuan. With product model CJJSQ01ZM and a weight of 3.6kg, the Air Sterilisation Humidifier has a water tank capacity of about 3.5L. The maximum amount of humidification which can be achieved is 384ml/h, It can give upto 16 hours of humidification.


The water disinfection of bacteria is 98.8%. In addition to this, all components are wading, containing broad-spectrum of antimicrobial ingredients ABS material, which can effectively inhibit the E. coli bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae and other bacteria breeds.


It provides water level monitoring and water protection capacitive sensing devices with dual level detection protection. Whenever water is detected, it will automatically standby and it will avoid dry. The Xiaomi Air Sterilisation Humidifier has been priced at 799 Yuan and will be sold exclusively on mi.com/cn.

The Xiaomi Air Sterilisation Humidifier is announced days after Xiaomi launched a mechanical keyboard via crowdfunding.


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