Apple iPhone sales decreasing due to huge cost and holidays

Apple disclosed its fiscal earnings for the three months ending September 2016. According to reports, the iPhone sales has been significantly decreases mainly because of the holiday season.

The main reason for the slump in the sales is attributed to the huge cost of Apple products. The iPhone 7 is uterly over-priced for a 4.7-inch model. You will get plenty of 5-inch devices for under Rs. 10000.

If Apple really want to grab market share, they should decrease the cost and increase production. The company should fix the price of iPhone 7 to under Rs. 20000 to enable budget people to buy the phone.

This development signals the fact of the third consecutive quarter of declining revenues. Apple made $46.9 billion over the last three months. This is comparatively down to 9 percent.

During the quarter, Apple shipped 45.5 million iPhones, 9.3 million iPads and 4.9 Macs. If you compare with Q3 2015, this amounts to 5.2 percent decline for iPhones, 6% for iPads and 14% for Macs.

This is a fact because the Cupertino-based giant hasn’t updated its PC series. Analysts are looking for the announcements by the company on October 27.

If you look at the figures of Apple Watch, you will see a massive 21 percent decline in sales. Apple hops that the shiny Apple Watch will be on the holiday list of many shoppers.

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