Oppo overtakes Vivo to the first place in Q3 2016 smartphone sales


Oppo has topped the number one spot in Chinese smartphone market. This means Vivo is placed on the second spot. According to IHS Research analyst Kevin Wang, Oppo has taken over from Huawei to become the top smartphone player in China.

As a matter of fact, Oppo has sold over 22 million smartphone units in Q3 2016, which is comparitively higher than 19 million units sold by Huawei. In Q2 2016, Huawei has managed to sell a total of 32 million units. Hence, you can see that there is a sharp drop in the sale.

Regarding fourth and fith spots, they are occupied by Xiaomi and Apple. While Xiaomi sold 12 million units, the iPhone 7 manufacturer managed to sell only 11 million units during the same quarter.

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