TUNE with data-driven guidance launched in North America and European union


Kinematix, a Portugal-based technology startup, has announced the launch of TUNE, the intelligent running wearable that provides meaningful information and data-driven guidance to help athletes of all levels run smarter.

Tune is now generally available for purchase in North America and the European Union at $200 via the Kinematix website or Amazon.

TUNE is a simple, easy to use wearable for runners that goes beyond measuring basic GPS stats such as pace or speed. Moreover, it also measures each foot’s behaviour on the ground (stance dynamics, stance time, strides, and symmetry), and enable runners improve their form and fitness, which are the foundations to run better and avoid injury.

Now for the first time, with TUNE, runners and coaches can capture data about these relevant form parameters from every single step of a full run for both feet at the same time.

And because the sensors are in-shoe, the data provided is the the most complete and accurate assessment possible of a runner’s technique.

The data collected from the insoles is automatically synced with the TUNE app on a smartphone or smartwatch, is combined with each runner’s personal profile and the evolving form patterns detected during runs, and then all this information is processed in the cloud to build and deliver personalized exercise plans.

Commenting on the launch, Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, CEO of Kinematix and manufacturer of Tune revelaed that all of us run but not everyone runs well. TUNE is a device that can set you on the right path to run well, potentially avoid injury and accomplish your goals.

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Right now, TUNE is the only wearable that combines important parameters such as Ground Contact Time, Heel Contact Time and Symmetry with the other parameters such as pace and distance to create a personalized fitness plan – a first in the industry. No one else is doing this. And what’s more, the TUNE platform for coaches enables coaches to stay connected with their athletes with EVERY run, not just when they train together – another industry first. We are extremely proud of the work we’ve done with TUNE – in our view, TUNE is a major game changer in the world of wearables, said dos Santos.


In addition to viewing performance metrics via the TUNE app, runners can log into the My TUNE dashboard on their desktop PC or tablet and dive deeper into their running performance data. It is also possible to mine the collected data, compare runs and competitions including getting a deep understanding of their evolution. Runners can also compare performances of different shoes, different terrains and share data with coaches.

TUNE App with Real-Time Feedback

TUNE continuously measures an extensive amount of very relevant data, more so than any other wearable, by monitoring both feet in-shoe. During a run, TUNE provides real-time audio feedback on stance dynamics (heel and ground contact time), stance time, pace, speed, heel steps and much more so that you know how the run is going.

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Personalized Fitness Plan

Running, just like any other sport, requires physical preparation and conditioning in order to run well and avoid injury. TUNE builds the runner’s profile and will continue to evolve it with each run using running data from the insoles, GPS and personal information provided such as age, height, weight, among others.

TUNE then takes all of this data and creates a personalized fitness plan, customized for each runner. And TUNE not only recommends specific exercises every four weeks, but it will demonstrate how to do them with short videos.

Performing the fitness plan helps runners to be fit and more balanced, improving their running form and minimizing the chance of injury. TUNE also includes interval training features (including intensity and duration) to incorporate into a runner’s usual routine, boosting their overall fitness levels and running skills.

Platform for Coaches

TUNE will also include a platform for coaches to monitor their athlete’s running performance and form, anytime, anywhere, even when they are not physically together. One of the biggest gaps of information for coaches exist in the times when they are not physically with their athletes and cannot observe their running technique. With TUNE, runners can upload their data automatically to the TUNE coach platform so that their coach can log into the platform at any time and see how the runner performed on any run and provide feedback directly to the runner.

Good Running Form is Important for Many Sports, Not Just Running

Running is an important element in many different sports, and therefore good running form is just as critical to improving one’s performance and avoiding injury for sports such as football, basketball, soccer, rugby, baseball, tennis, etc. The mechanics might be slightly different depending on the sport, but TUNE is still able to help to improve an athlete’s running performance in any sport.

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If you are a runner, you can purchase TUNE for $200 directly via Kinematix website or via Amazon.

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