SECO introduces the COM Express Type 6 with the AMD Embedded 3rd generation G-Series SOC-I

COM Express Type 6

SECO extends its COM Express product portfolio with the introduction of the AMD Embedded 3rd generation G-Series SOC-I (formerly codenamed “Brown Falcon”), by presenting an updated version of its COMe-A98-CT6 at electronica 2016.

In addition to the G-Series SOC-I “Brown Falcon”, the COMe-A98-CT6 is a COM Express Compact Type 6 module that’s also available with the AMD Embedded 3rd generation R-Series SOC, codenamed “Merlin Falcon”.

This solution features up to 4 Excavator x86 CPU cores with the latest Radeon graphics and I/O Controller on a single Chip; each Processor can scale the TDP down to 15W.

While the AMD Embedded R-Series SOC (“Merlin Falcon”) is noted for its high performance graphics and power efficiency, offering power management features, the AMD Embedded G-Series I Family SOCs (“Brown Falcon”) provide the highest processing power in the G-Series SOC portfolio.

It’s optimized for demanding graphics and compute applications, supporting 4K multimedia and multi-display configurations, and offering dual channel DDR4 memory with error-correction code (ECC).

Both the offerings available for the SECO’s COMe-A98-CT6, from the high-end AMD Embedded R-Series SOCs to the cost-effective AMD Embedded G-Series I Family SOCs, are excellent choices for demanding graphical requirements such as in applications like digital signage, kiosks, casino gaming, and many more, where scalable graphics performance make the difference.

The new version of the COMe-A98-CT6 with the AMD Embedded 3rd generation G-Series SOC-I (“Brown Falcon”) will be presented at electronica 2016 (Messe München, November 8-11, 2016), along with additional innovative solutions, at the SECO booth (A6.438).

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