Lima Ultra with faster file access and improved performance available at $129

Lima Ultra

Lima Ultra with faster file access and improved performance is now available at $129 in 25 countries across the world. The Lima Ultra enables you to build a personal cloud very easily and store data securely for easy access for any gadget irrespective of platform.

According to Lima Technology, the first batch of Lima Ultra units sold out within just four hours. Although the next batch is available for sale, the product will ship in 6 to 8 weeks time. Hence, you can expect the availability in early 2017.

Commenting on the development, Severin MARCOMBES, CEO, Lima Technology disclosed that a lot of people love the promise of the Cloud – accessing your content from anywhere -, but won’t use Cloud solutions to their full potential because of privacy concerns.

Lime Ultra enables you to store all data locally and access globally

Lima Ultra enables you to easily and quickly access personal content from anywhere in the world using computer, tablet or smartphone. Like other competing products, the data will not be stored on servers in the Cloud. Instead, your personal content is stored safely at your Home, on a USB hard drive.

Responding to media, Penelope LIOT, VP Marketing said that setup is deceptively simple. You just need to establish connectivity with the Lima Ultra device to the Internet at home. After that you just need to plug a USB hard drive to store content. The content stored on the drive will be available for consumption via the Lima app even when you are outside Home.

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Lima Ultra provides faster file access and enhanced performance

When compared to Lima Original, Lima Ultra provides a capability to access files faster with faster synchronization between the user devices and up to 16x improvement in transfer speed. For example, it only takes 30 seconds to transfer a movie to Lima Ultra, instead of 8 full minutes to do the same thing with the Lima Original.

MARCOMBES added that the company wanted to distill the best of our Lima Original product and to transform it into a better, more powerful offering. The Lima Ultra is equipped with a Quad-Core processor clocked at 1.5GHz. Moreover, the Lima Ultra is 40x more powerful than Lima Original. He said that the increase in the performance enables Lima Ultra to bring an even more comfortable and reactive experience to users.

Pricing & Availability

You can buy Lima Ultra at $129 and is available in 25 countries. However, the first batch expected to ship in December 2016 is currently sold out. You can expect the availability in stores in Q1 2017.

Lima Ultra will be useful for users who have plenty of files and folders. Moreover, the gadget will be useful if you would like to watch 4K movies in streaming from their Lima device. The Lima Ultra works with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

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