Predator2 with three oscillators and refreshed user interface launched at $149


Rob Papen Soundware has announced the launch of Predator2 integrated with three oscillators and a refreshed graphical user interface at $149. Interestingly, the three oscillators are now dual-equipped affairs with WAVE A and WAVE B, which includes a wide range of mixed and morphed waves between them.

Touted to be the successor to Predator, the natural-born paired with killer-sounding soft synth adds musical bite to countless tracks. This is being made possible due to cutting-edge features developed in-house by the popular sound designing company in the world.

The Predator2 features a refreshed GUI in such a way that all of the main controls are always visible onscreen. This makes it not only inspirational but also intuitive in use. Moreover, the Predator2 offers a simple way to access all the controls via EASY PAGE. You need not have to access each controls from various places.

On the Easy Page, you will be able to find the most important parameters to tweak a sound. It is possible to make use of the handy preset VARIATIONS function, which is dubbed as an intelligent randomiser.

Predator2 is equipped with three oscillators dual-equipped with WAVE A and WAVE B in addition to a wide range of mixed and morphed waves between them. There are eight editable USER WAVES which can be combined into wave-sets that are traversable in different ways. Moreover, you can edit those USER WAVES up to 256 different partials and advanced controls to edit and shape the wavetables.

The refreshed Predator2 ships with many wavetables and wave-sets, which are the main building blocks of its inspirational sound abilities. To add more punch, all oscillators and filters are stereo compatible. The flexible FILTER section is bolstered by a much-expanded second filter (FILTER 2) section with full controls and envelopes. Moreover, the new release also provides a third high-pass filter (HP FILTER) section for refined fine-tuning.

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Predator2 offers an improved UNISON MODE with up to six unison sub-voices for each full voice. This enables unison to work with any PLAY MODE. You will notice that more movements comes from the all-new XY PRO section with recordable paths that can be used to modulate all Predator2 controls.

Some of the other popular features included with Predator2 are as follows

  • Dual arpeggiator (ARP A and ARP B) with Join mode
  • All-new Sequencer Arp mode
  • Increased envelopes
  • Low Frequency Oscillators
  • Advanced modulation mode
  • Ability for the user to step limits
  • ADV/CHORD (advanced chord) editing
  • Dual three-band EQ with LP (lowpass) and HP (high-pass) filters

Each section included with Predator2 includes its own presets and directly responds to copy, paste, and clear commands. You can add a big screen mode with enhanced preset management with FIND PRESET mode.

Predator2 is available in both boxed edition and downloadable format. You can buy boxed editions from authorized Rob Papen dealers across the world. You can also download directly from Rob Papen for €149/$149.

As a special offer, if you have purchased Predator between throughout March 2016 and May 5, 2016, you are eligible to receive an upgrade to Predator2 for free. Otherwise, you can upgrade to the latest edition for €49/$49.

The eXplorer4, which is the latest release of all products developed by Rob Papen ships with Predator2. If you purchase eXplorer4 at €499.00 EUR/$499.00, you will be eligible to get 15 products for a large savings.

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