KMI K-Board Pro 4 first impressions with Jaron Lanier: Check out the new video

Jaron Lanier Inventor of VR Musician

Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) has released a new video featuring Jaron Lanier playing with K-Board Pro 4 with smile on his face. The K-Board Pro 4 first impressions video features plenty of faces, which includes Phil Bennett, Evelyn Davis and many others.

According to Jaron Lanier, who happens to be a popular composer and Virtual Reality Pioneer, the K-Board Pro 4 is really musical because it’s the only MPE controller that you can just play like a keyboard that has a definite attack but also has all of the continuous dimensions.

The upcoming KMI K-Board Pro 4 is a MIDI keyboard controller, which provides multiple dimensions of touch sensitivity in eack key such as Vibrato, Depth, Brightness, Timbre, Octave Jumps, and Presets. Moreover, the keyboard integrates with smart fabric technology to feel and respond like true musical instrument.

K-Board Pro 4 Kickstarter campaign started

Recently, Keith McMillen Instruments has launched a campaign on Kickstarter for the upcoming innovative K-Board Pro 4. It is a four-octave MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) keyboard controller that is MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) compatible with multiple dimensions of touch sensitivity using its proprietary Smart Fabric Technology in each key.

K-Board Pro 4 is a new kind of keyboard controller that feels and responds like a musical instrument. The K-Board Pro 4 will have all the nuances and sensitivity that makes an instrument musical.

Responding to media, Keith McMillen, KMI Founder & CEO disclosed that the company wanted to reclaim all of the powerful synth parameters that you can rarely access in performance and put them under your fingertips where you can play the heck out of them. He added that you need to start with the fundamentals of the classic keyboard. Moreover, you have to make it responsive by leveraging multidimensional expressivity.

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K-Board Pro 4 transforms to a brave new MPE world

With K-Board Pro 4, musicians can seamlessly transition from a traditional piano performance to a brave new MPE world. This can be done without changing their natural technique, with the added ability to take total control over the character of their sound while playing. MPE is a new standard for electronic music controllers, like K-Board Pro 4, to communicate with favorite hardware classics and cutting-edge soft synths.

K-Board Pro 4 leverages Smart Sensor Fabric Technology

K-Board Pro 4 takes advantage of the patented Smart Sensor Fabric Technology under each key to independently output touch-sensitive XYZ data that can be mapped to any parameter, such as vibrato, brightness, timbre, and more. This enable users to play expressively in real-time with the nuance more routinely expected from an acoustic instrument. The four touch-sensitive sliders can be mapped to anything, providing rapid access to parameters, such as octave, vibrato depth, or a preset to keep performers playing without interrupting their creative flow.

With durable design, the K-Board Pro 4 features silicone keys, an aluminum frame construction, and no moving parts to ensure the trademark durability. The product will be powered by USB and class compliant to ensure both portability and compatibility. The K-Board Pro 4 works with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as MIDI-capable hardware.

The K-Board Pro 4 is in the final stage of design and production. The highly-functional prototypes are already in the hands of professional keyboard players like as you saw in the above new video. If you place your order now via Kickstarter, you will receive K-Board Pro 4 after September 2017.

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