Elephone P9000 available at a discount of $60 due to circle Paris one round

Elephone P9000

Elephone has sold out more than 500,000 units of P9000 smartphone all over the world. If you join all the product packages, it will be able to circle whole beautiful city of Paris one round. Ever since Elephone P9000 was launched early 2016, the smartphone gained huge popularity from customers all over the world.

As part of this landmark achievement, the company is currently offering a discount of $60 for Elephone P9000 if you purchase the handset from the official website. Hence, you will be able to purchase P9000 smartphone for $179.99 provided you buy before December 22. According to Elephone, the discount is also part of the upcoming Holidays due to Christmas and New Year.

Elephone P9000 features a 5.5-inch FHD display with a 1.6mm ultra-thin bezel, Helio P10 processor loaded with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The handset offers 4GB RAM coupled with 32GB internal storage. Hence, you will be able to run a wide range of applications without any lag. The phone also is equipped with 13MP rear camera sensor paired with a fingerprint sensor on the rear.

In a statement released to the press, Elephone disclosed that the official firmware development team and the official third- party firmware development team including the Elephone P9000 community of fans have also made significant contribution to this particular model.

With constantly updated official firmware, the latest test version of Android 7.0 Nougat was released in November 2016. Meanwhile, the official third-party firmware development team have added the Aerom version for the Elephone P9000. The team provides updates once in every week.

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Elephone added that fans of P9000 across the world have produced a wide range of updates such as CM13 and other firmwares. This is to meet the growing requirements of other users in the community.

When we asked about the updates, the company spokesperson replied with a big smile by stating that the firmware has been updated nearly 100 times since its official release. That being said, Elephone had thanked all the users and fans for their hardwork, dedication, contribution and love towards the company.

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