Elephone Z1 with 6GB DDR4 RAM capable of running 40 apps together without any lag

Elephone Z1

Elephone Z1 with 6GB RAM is capable of running 40 mobile apps at the same time. Are you wondering whether 6GB RAM is practical or only a gimmick? Even though many people doesn’t know the real essence of 6GB RAM, Elephone has successfully integrated it into their own handsets.

You just image a scenario where 40 cars running side by side in a narrow traffic lane. The whole area will be crowded and slow for vehicular traffic. In the same way, the addition of 6GB RAM is just a traffic lane on which 40 cars could be able to gallop side by side. Elephone Z1 is touted as a comprehensive improvement with further innovation and great enjoyment.

On the specifications front, the Elephone Z1 make use of 6GB DDR4 RAM and 64GB internal storage. This will not only be sufficient to your internal storage requirements but also will be sufficient for installing plenty of apps. With apps occupying huge storage space, it is desirable to have a smartphone like Elephone Z1.

According to company sources, the Elephone Z1 is capable of running 40 apps simulatanously without causing any kidn of lags. If you make use of Elephone Z1 as your daily driver, you will be able to forget the task killer and slow operation for good.

If you are unable to believe, you just try running 40 apps on your current smartphone simultaneously. You will be able to immediately visualize the real need behind the investment for Elephone Z1.

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