Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey advocates the need to edit tweets

Jack Dorsey

Just like Facebook, Twitter may enable a new functionality with which users will be able to edit tweets. Commenting on the development, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey disclosed that the company is seriously thinking to enable editing functionality to tweets. Right now, you will not be able to edit the tweets which are posted. If there is any spelling mistake, the only way to correct it is to either delete the tweet or repost the same content by correcting the mistakes.

While addressing public town hall with Twitter users, Dorsey reportedly requested users to provide feedback as to how the micro blogging platform could be improved. Meanwhile, Dorsey also asked users to provide their suggestion regarding the changes they would like to see.

In his tweet, Dorsey discloses that the edit functionality is for everyone and not for select group of people with Verified badge.

You should note that several users including myself made repeated requests to enable editing functionality. According to a report published in a leading portal, the request for an edit option for tweets was reported multiple times.

If rumors are to be believed, Dorsey is planning to implement the editing functionality in such a way that users will be able to edit them for a specific period of time after they publish the tweet.

Meanwhile, Dorsey added that the ability to integrate editing functionality is a complicated solution. However, the product team is currently working on to implement the functionality. If the rumors are to be belived, you can expect the rollout of editing feature to select people in the United States. The feature will be extended globally after a widespread testing.

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Dorsey also said that there is a big need to fight hate and harassment. He also added that bringing transparency to Twitter is his big priority.

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