MGCOOL Cam 360 with dual fish-eye lens helps you to shoot stunning videos

MGCOOL Cam 360

In a major twist when compared to other competing sports cameras, MGCOOL Cam 360 has been manufactured in such a way to adopt dual fish-eye ultra wide angle lens. Hence, you can capture the 360-degree screen effectively and preferably, bringing enhanced panoramic views.

The name fish-eye was coined because the camera lens looks like a fish. Technically, fish-eye lens is close to or equal to 180-degree lens with an extreme wide-angle lens. The shorter the focal length, the greater the angle of view. Hence, the deformation is more intense due to the optical principle.

MGCOOL Cam 360

To achieve 180-degree angle of view, making deformation (barrel distortion) rationalization, the result is the center of the screen scene remains unchanged. However, the horizontal or vertical scene have changed accordingly, which has a strong visual effects.

MGCOOL Cam 360

Unlike traditional single fisheye camera, MGCOOL Cam 360 make use of dual lens technology. This will avoid the shooting effect caused by conversion of the lens, to record 360-degree all-round memorable moments. The integration of dual eye conversion design will help you to capture improved images with stunning panoramic effect.

If you are still hesitant, join the ranks of MGCOOL Cam 360 panoramic camera. You will be able to capture stunning images and videos with visual impact.

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