Elephone Z1 with 16nm technology chip Helio P20 will yield rich dividends

Elephone Z1

Elephone Z1 is going to create a landmark history in the smartphone segment. According to company sources, the Elephone Z1 will be integrated with Helio P20 processor manufactured using 16nm technology process.

Elephone Z1 not only created ripples and excitement among smartphone users but also performs flawlessly even under ultra-heavy workload due to premium configuration.

Under the hood, the Elephone Z1 contains Helio P20, which is designed using 16nm -transistor-technology manufacturing process. Have you ever wondered about the 16nm-transistor-technology?

Mathematically, 1nm = 0.000000001 meters. However, you will be able to view several zeros after the decimal point with no real feeling. You can assume that the thickness of nails is 0.1mm (0.0001 m). If you cut the nail into 100 thousands layers, the thickness of each layer is about 1nm.

Eventhough there are many transistors in the chip of our phones, the size of the transistor is critical. This is because one chip can contain much more 16nm transistors compared with 22nm transistors. If the manufacturer places more transistors, your smartphone or gadget will become power efficient. Furthermore, the overall power consumption could be lower with 16nm technology.

For instance, if you assign a task to several people, the efficiency of the team increases. Moreover, the workload of each person will be minimal. With drastic reduction in the overall chip size, companies will be able to easily install the processor in mobile devices. Moreover, the end-result will be evolution of thinner and lighter smartphones.

We will monitor the technology used by Elephone for all its upcoming smartphones. In the meantime, you can visit the official website of Elephone and also follow the Twitter account for daily updates.

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