Qualcomm integrates Active Noise Cancelling technology into earbuds and headphones


Qualcomm has announced the integration of Active Noise Cancelling Technology into ultra-small earbuds and headphones. According to company sources, the active noise cancelling (ANC) technology will be embedded into CSR8675 product platform. Hence, it will be the world’s first Bluetooth audio system-on-chip (SoC) processor to integrate an advanced audio solution.

The active noise cancelling technology primarily reduces the complexity and cost of adding the new technology to headphones. It eliminates the need for a separate ANC chip enabling manufacturers to quickly deliver premium audio experiences in much smaller form factor designs.

With the integration of ANC with CSR8675, Qualcomm is gearing up to occupy small form factor in-ear designs to a whole new level. It brings a higher-quality listening experience to consumers who prefer earbuds in an ultra-small form factor.

Equipped with a fully integrated Flash platform, the CSR8675 is embedded with 120Mhz 24-bit DSP including support for Qualcomm aptX and Qualcomm aptX HD audio technologies. The main purpose is to deliver consistent and high-quality audio streaming over Bluetooth.

Commenting on the development, Anthony Murray, senior vice president and general manager, IoT, Qualcomm Technologies International disclosed that the demand for stereo wireless in-ear devices and headsets is growing rapidly. Hence, users want to enjoy a superb audio experience in any environment, without sacrificing quality when they listen to their music, videos and games.

Meanwhile, Tom Li, executive vice president of business development, Fujikon Industrial revealed that they have added the CSR8675 with integrated ANC to deliver a premium quality audio experience. The company will be able to deliver real value to our customers both in terms of cost and performance for end users. Furthermore, the headphones is equipped with a capability to deliver 12 hours of playback time and noise cancelling performance of up to -23dB.

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We expect that the active noise cancelling technology manufactured by Qualcomm will bring new revolution in the mobile audio segment. We can expect new Earbuds and Headphones developed using this technology before the end of 2017.

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