Synaptics Multi-Factor Fingerprint and Facial Recognition System launched at CES 2017


Synaptics has announced the launch of a multi-factor fingerprint and facial recognition system at CES 2017. According to sources, the multi-factor biometric fusion engine will most likely provide enhanced security in a simplified environment.

As a user, you will be able to verify identity via not only facial recognition but also fingerprint at the same time. However, both will have to meet a minimum level of threshold before unlocking the phone. This will enable you to cut down on errors and exploits.

The newly launched Synaptics technology make use of PurePrint anti-spoof technology for enhanced security. It examines the images generated from the fingerprint using AI and will be able to determine whether the print is real or fake. In the case of facial recognition, the system verifies for the existence of indicators such as blinking and head movement.

Commenting on the development, Gilles Florey, CEO, KeyLemon disclosed that the company is excited to establish a partnership with industry leader Synaptics on a comprehensive solution that is secure and convenient. By integrating advanced technologies, it enables a mix of security and user convenience for trusted authentication in mobile payments, banking including other content sensitive transactions.

Meanwhile, the fusion engine developed using biometric technology also combines with Synaptics Natural ID fingerprint sensors. It enables secure detection through glass. Moreover, they are waterproof, scratch proof and also work with wet fingers.

In a statement released to the press, Anthony Gioeli, VP of marketing, Synaptics disclosed that this is just one aspect of a wider push with an assured availability of other biometric methods.

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If implemented, the technology developed by Synaptics would prove to be a real contender to Microsoft Windows Hello, which leverages Iris fingerprint and facial recognition for secure authentication.

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