Kate virtual assistant intuitively answers your insurance questions


Do you want to know the current balance on your auto insurance policy? What about the date of your next payment? Do you need to access the documents of your policy? Kate is here to your rescue. Technically, Kate is an exclusive virtual assistant designed to answer your insurance questions.

You just need to download GEICO mobile app, and ask Kate a question. She will respond with quick and personalized answers coupled with her undeniable insurance knowledge. Even though Kate is similar to Windows 10 Cortana, the mobile app is exclusive to insurance.

Commenting on the launch, Pete Meoli, GEICO mobile and digital experience director disclosed that the interactive voice assistant technology has altered the way customers interact with their mobile devices. Kate is very intuitive and has been programmed to connect with policyholders at a deeper level.

Available 24/7, the Kate makes self-service easier by answering questions and helping with their policy needs. She has been programmed to know about insurance and can provide customers with specific policy information. You can also initiate conversations with Kate by typing or speaking to her.

Meoli added that Kate has a personal side and will reveal details about herself if asked. He said that they wanted Kate to be friendly with a natural interaction.

She is always learning from our customers and will be an integral part of enhancing their experiences with GEICO.

As of this writing, Kate is available for iOS and Android. The updated version of the GEICO Mobile app is available in the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. You just need to search using the keyword “GEICO Mobile” on Google Play Store.

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