Elephone Play X takes you to the ultimate world of dual-camera era

Elephone Play X

Elephone has announced the launch of Elephone Play X with dual-camera within the next few days. In a statement released to the press, the company revealed that the Elephone Play X would be a valuable addition to the ever-growing family of premium smartphones.

According to leaks from the Elephone Labs, the Play X will be integrated with dual cameras. The hint given by the company reveals that the upcoming phone is capable of capturing high-quality images. Moreover, you can combine color photos with mono images to provide you with the best clarity. It will also provide attention to detailed images.

We have exclusive access to the picture samples captured using the upcoming Elephoner Play X. You can view the images displayed below and feel the difference.

Elephone Play X

On the rear side, you will find dual 12MP camera sensors. While one sensor will be equipped with mono, the another sensor is oriented for capturing color images.

You can expect the smartphone to deliver images that are beyond your expectation. The mono camera sensor embedded with the handset is capable of recording the shadow details. Check out the below image to see the natural beauty of the images.

Elephone Play X

In Elephone Play X, two camera sensors work as one single camera. The end-result will be the fact that images will be clear, true, rich, vibrant and compelling. Furthermore, the images will appear with not only rich color but also mono photos purity. The company reveals that the images captured via the smartphone will be detailed when compared to other competing smartphones.

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Are you bored with using smartphones manufactured with a single camera? Why not you try Elephone Play X. Wait. The company will unveil the smartphone shortly. In the meantime, you navigate to the official website of the company and social media handles for regular updates.

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