How to make Elephone S7 a pretend dual camera smartphone?

Elephone S7

Elephone S7 is a premium flagship smartphone. It is possible to make Elephone S7 a pretend dual camera smartphone. You should read this article completely to know more. Do you remember the first app you turned on after unboxing the Elephone S7?

If you had opened the camera app, you should have captured few images and videos. However, you should also note that the camera provides support for PIP mode. With the help of PIP mode, you will be able to capture images using both rear and front camera at the same time.

If you are unable to understand the logic behind PIP mode, you can verify the below image sample sourced from Elephone.

Elephone S7

From the picture sample, it is evident that the Elephone S7 provides complete support for both rear and front cameras at the same time. You can also refer to the featured image to experience an image captured using the PIP mode in Elephone S7.

We believe that none of the other competing smartphones provide this functionality. You can experience this feature only with Elephone S7.

Do you want to know how to capture an image in PIP mode? When you tap on the camera app, you will notice three buttons on the top. You need to press the middle button to capture beautiful and stunning images in PIP mode.

We are in touch with Elephone for more images captured using PIP mode. In the meantime, you can buy Elephone S7 from the official website to test drive the feature. You can also follow the official Twitter handle for more updates.

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Image Source: The picture sample was shot at 5 PM on a cloudy day, provided by Elephone staff

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