Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion probe report to be revealed on January 23

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has revealed that the Galaxy Note 7 probe findings will be revealed on Monday. According to sources, the company will announce the results of the probe as to what exactly caused explosions and burns on January 23. After the suspension of production activities, the company is yet to recover from the shock and shame caused as a result of the Galaxy Note 7.

Expected to be revealed by executives and independent experts in a joint press conference in Seoul, the smartphone major will also announce a series of new measures to prevent incidents like explosions in future.

In a statement released to the press, Samsung added that Koh Dong-jin, who is the head of the mobile business will also attend the presser. Interestingly, Dong-jin had announced the recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in September.

According to Samsung Insiders, the main cause for the explosion and subsequent fires was the fault with the supplied battery. The company needs to regain trust from customers, who are afraid of buying Samsung smartphones.

That said, Samsung should create an awareness campaign to reveal that their handsets are safe. Moreover, the company should recover an estimated loss of $5.20 billion caused as a result of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Meanwhile, Investors are of the opinion that Samsung should provide a correct explanation about what caused the Galaxy Note 7 debacle before the official launch of Galaxy S8 handsets. As per reports, Samsung is gearing up to launch Galaxy S8 phones during the upcoming MWC 2017.

In September 2016, the company announced that they are recalling 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The main reason for the explosion is attributed to the problem with the battery manufacturing process. Interestingly, the battery was supplied by Samsung SDI Co Ltd, an affiliate of Samsung.

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It needs to be seen as to what kind of measures the company is planning to take to avoid problems in future they faced with the Galaxy Note 7. Going forward, the company is working to launch Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus during MWC 2017

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