Twitter shuts down Vine app due to slump in popularity


Twitter has officially shut down Vine service since the app lost its charm due to the huge growth of Snapchat and Instagram. However, Vine has been revamped into Vine camera service. As part of the new Vine camera, you will be able to capture 6.5 seconds of looping videos, which you can upload later. We don’t have any estimated time frame as to when the app will make the transition.

In October 2012, Twitter acquired Vine. As of 2016, the Vine app had over 200 million monthly users. If you are unaware, nearly 1.5 billion loops have been accessed since the launch of the Vine app.

Previously, there were reports that Vine is gearing up to introduce a new feature, which enables Twitter users to migrate all the followers on the Vine to their own micro-blogging site.

According to a recently published report on DailyMail, users will be able to upload their work to Twitter directly from within the new Vine app. This can be done either by linking accounts or by going through the social media portal.

Nowadays, people are aggressively making use of Instagram and Snapchat. Going forward, it will be difficult for Vine to compete with new generation platforms. We feel that shutting down of Vine is a step in right direction.

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