WikiLeaks saves from Donald Trump with exclusive access to climate change data


With Donald Trump assuming the office of the President of the United States, there has been a confusion among people as to whether he will remove crucial climate change data stored on US government websites. Previously, there were rumors that Trump will remove the data.

However, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange took to Twitter and shared the information that WikiLeaks could be an alternative source for locating content related to climate change.


If you have any data at risk obtained from the new US administration such as unpublished climate change research, you can submit the relevant content via the URL mentioned in the tweet.


Meanwhile, Reuters reported that the Trump administration has requested the US Environmental Protection Agency to remove all the climate change pages from the official website. Even though there is no official confirmation, two unnamed EPA employees have revealed to the news agency that the content will be removed. When the news agency attempted to reach out to the White House or EPA, the relevant officials declined to comment.

The latest move by WikiLeaks assumes significance with the Trump and his team deleted secret references to climate change on the White House website. With the data being deleted from the White House site, the industry analysts were skeptical about the same will be done on the sites managed by the EPA, NASA and other US government agencies.

Commenting on the development, scientist and activist Shaughnessy Naughton disclosed to The New York Times that the Government has done a great job to properly collect and maintain climate change data on all the websites managed by the federal government. The main concern is the non-availability of the data publicly. If the data is removed, the people will not be able to gather the data, adds Naughton. Meanwhile, the White House sources declined to comment on the report.

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Earlier, WikiLeaks was heavily criticized by people for the publication of private data related to Hillary Clinton in collaboration with Russia to help Trump to win elections. Assange, meanwhile, has revealed that WikiLeaks has no political agenda. The only aim of WikiLeaks is to create accountable communications and transparent actions.

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