Sony Xperia XA (2017) with 23MP rear camera leaked: Video Inside

Sony Xperia XA (2017)

The features and specifications of Sony Xperia XA (2017) have been leaked. However, if you are wondering if the leaks emerged as pictures, then you are wrong. A new video has been leaked on YouTube spanning over 2 minutes, which reveals the fact that the phone will offer 23MP camera sensor.

Uploaded by, the two-minute video showcases a prototype model of the upcoming Sony Xperia XA (2017). Dubbed as Sony Xperia G3121, the video reveals a prototype of the flagship phone in various angles. We can also spot few menu displays that disclose the model number, Android platform version including the security patch of January 5.


The video runs on the backdrop of a video. Initially, the user navigates the display and shows various apps. He then displays the rear side with a note by Sony.

On the extreme left-hand side, we can clearly view the camera sensor followed by the LED flash. The user also shows the Phone Status page for a long time. An interesting point to note is that you will not view any bezels on both sides of the display. You will view the functioning of the Settings menu with deep navigation inside the option.

When the video reaches around 1.35, you will view the side panel of the rumored handset clearly. Towards the end of the video, you will see the functioning of the camera app with 23MP camera displayed on the top of the video.

If the content provided inside the video are to be believed, the phone will offer a 23MP rear camera. The handset will also integrate stereo speakers with large bezels on the top and bottom portion. As you can see, the navigation buttons on the front panel are well illuminated, unlike other handsets which don’t offer backlit display.

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With the leak of the video, the launch of the handsets seems imminent. We expect that Sony will launch the 2017 counterpart of Sony Xperia XA during MWC 2017. Hence, you only need to wait for another 25 days.

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