OurMine reportedly hacks Several WWE Twitter accounts


OurMine, the notorious group behind the hacking of several social media accounts belonging to popular personalities and companies has once again back in action after a lull. According to reports, the official Twitter handles of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) group such as WWE Universe, WWE NXT, WrestleMania, WWE Network and Summer Slam were reportedly hacked on Saturday. Shortly after the hacking attempt, OurMine has claimed responsibility.

While few tweets from the official WWE handles have been deleted, the majority of tweets still exists. Moreover, the official Tumblr page of WWE has been compromised. In the past, OurMine had conducted similar hacking attempts with Netflix and Marvel groups.

Meanwhile, OurMine has disclosed that they hacked the accounts to expose those social media accounts which have been created with lose  passwords. The group claims that high-profile social media accounts of several popular personalities still make use of weak passwords, which is vulnerable.

Commenting on the development, a spokesperson of OurMine has revealed to Mashable that all the hacked WWE accounts were linked to one profile. However, WWE sources declined to divulge any information about the hacking attempt. The group argued that they are currently testing the security of popular social media handles randomly.

The accounts were allegedly hacked using the head of WWE social media account. Furthermore, the hacked accounts were linked to all WWE superstars social media accounts, preferably that of Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from frequent hacking attempts, OurMine also offers services such as testing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and email accounts for security vulnerabilities.

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To prevent hacking, the relevant social media accounts should be updated with strong passwords comprising of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Moreover, it is advisable to modify the passwords once in every six months.

Going forward, you should note that groups like OurMine continue to flourish to target not only Facebook and Twitter accounts but also websites, email accounts, and all other digital accounts. In the wake of te recent hacking of WWE accounts, the Government should take proper action to strengthen the security of digital payments in the post-demonetization era.

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